Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Saved Search to show the Landed Cost Amount within per Unit Value of a Lot-Numbered Item

1.  Navigate to Transactions > Management > Saved Searches > New

2.  Click Transaction

3.  In the Critera tab > Standard sub-tab > Filter column; add the following fields:

a. Item Fields... > Costing Method = Lot Numbered

b. Transaction Serial/Lot Number= not empty

c.  Account = must be the Asset Account in item record(s)

d.  Posting = True

4.  In the Criteria tab > Summary subtab : add the following:

a. Summary Type = Sum

b.  Field Transaction Serial/Lot Number Quanttiy = is not 0

5.  In the Results tab > Columns sub tab > field column; add the following:

a. Item

b.  Transaction Serial/Lot Number >  Custom Label= Lot Number

c.  Transaction Serial/Lot Number Quantity > Custom Label = Quantity On Hand

d.   Transaction Serial/Lot Number Amount > Custom Label = Total Amount

e. Formula Numeric > Formula: {serialnumbercost}/{serialnumberquantity} > Custom Label = Cost Per Lot Unit

f.  Formula Numeric > Formula:({serialnumbercost}/{serialnumberquantity})-{rate} > Custom Label = Landed Cost per Lot Unit Value

6.  In the Available Filters tab > Add Location > Show in footer = Yes

7.  Rename Search Title

8.  Hit Save & Run

The results of the saved search will show the Lot Number, Lot Quantity On Hand, the Lot Total On Hand Value, Unit Cost Per Lot and lastly, the Landed Cost Amount per Lot Unit Value.

The steps above can be the alternate solution for Enhancement 204569: Reports > New Search > Transaction > Add a column for "Transaction Serial/Number" > the field is blank for landed cost allocation on item receipts/bills.








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