Thursday, February 7, 2019

Saved Search to Show On Order Quantity from Purchase Orders and Transfer Orders in Separate Columns Similar to Current Inventory Snapshot Report

1.  Navigate to Reports > Inventory/Items > Click  Current Inventory Snapshot

2.  The On Order column shows the combined quantities coming from transactions Purchase Orders and Transfer Orders.

3.  There is no option to show the On Order quantities from these transactions in separate columns.

4.  Since customizing the report to filter the On Order quantity by Transaction Type, we are unable to identify the composition of the quantity in the On Order field.

5. As an alternate solution, a saved search can be created to split the quantities:
- Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New > Select Item
- Criteria tab:
* Transaction fields... > Status: is any of Purchase Order: Pending Receipt; Purchase Order: Partially Receved/Pending Billing; Transfer Order: Pending Fulfillment; Transfer Order: Partially Fulfilled, Transfer Order: Pending Receipt, Transfer Order:Pending Receipt/Partially Fulfilled  

Formula (Numeric) : is greater than 0 > Formula {transaction.quantity} 

- Results tab:

- Sort by:  Name

- Then By:  Transaction fields... >  Location

- Then By:  Transaction fields.. >  Type 

- Check the box 'Show Totals'

Add the following fields:

Name > Summary Type : Group
Transaction fields... > Quantity > Summary Type : Sum
Transaction fields...> Type >  Summary Type : Group
Transaction fields...>  Status
Transaction fields... > Number
Transaction fields...>  To Location

- Rename the Search Title 

- Hit Save & Run

- The On Order Quantity from Transfer Orders and Purchase Orders are grouped per location on separate lines. Click link on any of the links  to show list of transactions. 

Note: Enhancement 246787 is submitted to request the ability to  show the On Order from Purchase Orders and Transfer Order in separate columns. 

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