Monday, February 4, 2019

Selecting a Group on Event > Attendees subtab > the Group Members do not populate for a Custom Event Form

Sending Event Invitations Form user can use the Attendees subtab to select Attendees for an Event. According to the SuiteAsnwers article Sending Event InvitationsAnswer Id: 8866 user can include a Group to the Attendees subtab. However, after adding a Group, the names of the members of the Group do not show in the Attendees subtab.

If a Customized Event Form does not auto-populate members, the Availability Tab is hidden from the Form.

To set the Attendees subtab to show, perform the following steps:

1. Navigate to Customization > Forms > Entry Forms.
2. Edit the Custom Event Form.
3. Under Subtabs, mark the Show checkbox for Availability.
4. Click Save.

To create an Event:

1. Navigate to Scheduling > Activities > Events > New.
2. Select the Custom Event Form.
3. Under Attendees tab > Send Invitation To > add the Group name (click >> to navigate to List and select the Group > specific Group).

Actual Results: Names of the members of the Group Members populate.

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