Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Send email alerts to Customers when orders are approved

There is no preference for the ability to send email alerts to Customers when a Sales Order is approved unlike for cancelled and fulfilled orders. However, a Saved Search can be used for this to be achieved. Please refer to the below steps:

1. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.

2. Click on Transaction link.

3. Under Criteria tab > Standard sub tab, add the following filters:

Type= Sales Order

Main Line= True (Yes)

System Notes Fields… > Old Value = starts with Pending Approval

System Notes Fields… > New Value = starts with Pending Fulfillment


4. Under Results tab > Columns sub tab, add all needed fields but don't forget to add this field:

Email (This refers to the Customer's email)


5. Under Email tab, mark the Send Email Alerts When Records is Created/Updated checkbox.

6. Under Email tab > Recipient from Results sub tab, add 'Email' field and mark the Send on Update checkbox.

7. Under Email tab > Updated Fields sub tab, add this:


- Field = Document Status

When Old Value is… = Pending Approval

When New Value is… = Pending Fulfillment


8. Enter a Search Title.

9. Hit Save & Run and check the results.

Note: Users may create a custom message under Email tab > Customize Message sub tab.

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