Friday, February 8, 2019

Serialized item shows as back ordered on Sales Order/s even even when an available serial number is assigned to it

  • The location on hand is less than the total serial numbers on hand in the Inventory Detail tab of the item record.
  • The available serial number is assigned to the sales order but the transaction shows the item as back ordered.
  • The serial number record has a Committed status.
  • The Commit column on the line item is set to Available Qty.

The item has one or more serial numbers that are in a negative state.  The negative state happens if the purchase transaction/positive adjustment that records the entry of the serial number has been either modified or deleted leaving the shipment of the said serial number to have no source(the same logic as underwater sale). In this situation, the system considers the on hand quantity for order commitments if it is less than the available quantity.  The negative serial number/s must be brought to a positive state or zero on hand before the available serial number is automatically committed to the sales order.


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