Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Tax Period Setup throws error : 'illegal period structure: date x/xx/xxxx is in multiple periods'


·        Navigate to Setup > Accounting > ManageTax Periods

·        Period for 20XX

·        Nov 20XX

·        Start Date - 11/1/20XX

·        End Date - 11/30/20XX

·        Dec 20XX

·        Start Date - 12/1/20XX

·        End Date - 12/31/20XX

·        Click on Nov 20XX

·        Change End Date from 11/30/20XX to 12/1/20XX

·        Save

·        Result:

·        Illegal period structure. Date 12/1/20XX is in multiple periods


·        As the error message suggests, the date is alreadyset in the available periods




·        Check existing period setup specifically the daterange that was selected

·        Make sure that the date range to be set on the newperiod is not yet covered by other periods

·        Edit Dec 20XX period

·        Change the Start Date of Dec 20XX period to 12/2/20XX

·        Save

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