Monday, February 4, 2019

Track Next Approver of Expense Report

Whenever the customer uses custom Expense Report Approval, a standard field called Next Approver is shown on the said record.

The values being set to the said field are not being reflected on the record's System Notes. If the customer would like to track the values that have been set to the said field, then they could make use of the sample Workflow below:

1) Workflow summary:

Execute as Admin: checked

Release Status: Testing

Enable Logging: Checked


On Create: Checked

On Update: Checked

Trigger Type: After Record Submit


Condition: Old Record : Next Approver != Next Approver


Workflow Field:

  Label : <desired field name>

  Type : List/Record

  List/Record: Employee

  Store Value: Checked

2) Create State

 Set Field Value Action:

    Trigger On: Entry

    Parameters > Field: <workflow field>

    Parameters > Value:

            Record : Current Record

            Field : Next Approver

Take note that the values of the next approvers that were set on the record could be tracked only through the Workflow log.

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