Friday, February 22, 2019

Unable to Edit Check: Payee Information Required

In the User Interface when you try to navigate to Transactions > Bank > Write Checks, Payee field is mandatory.

When you try to click on Customize Customize Form > Screen Fields Tab>Main, there is no option for users to set Payee Field as not Mandatory.


Checks that are saved without any Payee information was entered through this path:


Transactions > Bank > Reconcile Bank Statement > New Charges tab.

Transactions entered through this path will be generated as Checks. In this page, Payee field is optional; only Amount and Account are mandatory.



To be able to edit Checks which are created using this path:


--You have to assign a Payee, make the necessary modification and then save the Check.

--If the user does not want to assign a Payee to the Check,  user has  to delete the original Check and then go back to Transactions > Bank > Reconcile Bank Statement > New Charges, enter the correct Account information.


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