Thursday, February 28, 2019

Users are able to use an Order Specific Type Advanced Promotion code on a site which should only be available on a different site.

When you're using Advanced Promotion and you selected Site A on the field Site, but you're able to use the Coupon Code on Site B.

Follow the steps below to make sure all pre-requisites are met:

1. Navigate to Customization > Plug-ins > Manage Plug-ins and check the 3 implementations from the page (Order Specific, Item Specific and Buy X Get Y).

Note: Enabling the 3 implementations is crucial to properly initialize the implementations needed to run the advanced promotion

2. Create an Order Specific Promotion, Navigate to Lists > Marketing > Promotions > New.
3. Select Order Specific Promotion.

Note: Advanced Promotion Codes should always start from the Advanced Promotion Form, it is important to select the correct type of Advanced Promotion when you navigate to Lists > Marketing > Promotions > New.

4. In the Site section, select Website A.
5. Enter a Promotion Name and select a Discount Item.
6. Set Apply Line Discount = T
7. Codes tab > enter a Coupon Code.
8. Eligibility tab > Order subtab > Add Order Criteria = Set Order Total to $100.
9. Discount tab > Add Order Discount > New Order Discount > Promotional Offer = $20.
10. Click Save.

Note: After doing this, applying the promotion to Website B should show an error message:

This coupon does not apply to this site.
Please correct or remove the Voucher code and click Apply

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