Thursday, February 7, 2019

View or Edit Record in a New Window from the Tasks portlet

User added the Task portlet in Home > Dashboard. When selecting View or Edit link, the record opens on the same page. User would like to open the record in a new window.


To do this, perform the following steps:


            1. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches.


            2. In the footer section, check Show All Private Searches, set Use to Dashboard Views and set Type to Task.


            3. Edit the saved search set as Dashboard View.


            4. Click the Results tab > Columns subtab.


            5. Click the first line then select Insert.


            6. Select Formula (Text).


            7. Set Summary Type to Group.


            8. In the Formula column, use:




            9. Set the Summary Type on the following fields:


                        Status | Maximum

                        Due Date | Maximum

                        Task Title | Group

                        Company | Maximum


            10. Change the Search Title.


            11. Click Save As.


            12. Go back to Home > Dashboard > Task Portlet, then change the View to the custom search.

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