Friday, February 15, 2019

Web Services > Get the Field Type of a Custom Field

When developing an integration using Web Services it may be required to dynamically determine the type of a custom field.  This can be done as follows (sample performs a 'get' on a custom entity field):

1. Perform a Web Services get operation.
2. Specify the RecordRef type as entityCustomField.
3. Specify the internalId value of the customer field. For example CUSTENTITY123 (Note, this must be in all capital letters)

The response returned will contain the meta data for that customer field.  The field type will be in the fieldType element.

For Example: setupCustom:fieldType>_listRecord</setupCustom:fieldType

Note: A similar process can be used for other record types by setting the RecordRef to values such as itemCustomField, transactionBodyCustomField, etc.


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