Tuesday, February 26, 2019

WSDK > Items are missing in the "HTML and URLs for querying items" list

When adding items in the external site, users can navigate to Setup > Site Builder > Preview Web Site > HTML and URLs for querying items for the scripts to add in the html page.

The only items that will show up on the list are items you have made available online:
- Items that have the "Display in Website" check box ticked.
- Items that have Online Price and Base Price.

- Ensure that on Setup > Site Builder > Set Up Web Site > Under Web Site Scope, the option that should be selected is either of this three: Full Web Store, Information and Catalog, With Pricing and Information and Catalog. Choosing Information Only will not show a list of items on HTML and URLs for querying items page since this option will not publish information regarding items and prices.

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