Monday, March 25, 2019

Change Display Type of Projected Total Field from Normal to Inline Text or Disabled

A user customized the Opportunity Form to change the Display Type of the Projected Total field from Normal to Inline Text (or Disabled). This is to ensure that users cannot override the value of the Projected Total field. The total displayed on this field will always be based on the Items in the Opportunity.


However, when the user creates an Opportunity, the display type field is still Normal. Users can still enter a value on the Projected Total field.


This is the expected behavior of the system. NetSuite never allows mandatory field to be disabled via form customization unless either of the following is true: the field has a default value or the record is in Edit mode. This is also documented in Help Guide Topic: Setting Display Options for Custom Fields" (under Item # 4).


To resolve this, use a SuiteFlow to set the display type of the field. To create the Workflow, perform the following steps:


Make sure that the SuiteFlow feature is enabled in Setup > Company > Enable Features > SuiteClould tab > SuiteFlow.


            1. Navigate to Customization > Workflow > Workflows > New.


            2. Settings:


             Basic Information


              Name: Disable Projected Total on Opportunity

              Record Type: Opportunity

              Release Status: *Testing

               *Change this to Released once confirmed that workflow setup works




              On Create = Yes

              On Update = Yes


            3. Click New State.


            4. Click Save.


            5. Click State 1.


            6. Under Actions tab, click New Action.


            7. Select Set Field Display Type.


            8. Settings:


             Basic Information


             Trigger On: Before Record Load




             Field: Projected Total

             Display Type: Inline Text


            9. Click Save.


To test, create a new Opportunity record via Transactions > Sales > Create Opportunities.

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