Thursday, March 28, 2019

Credit Card Transaction Resulted to Reason Code 211: Invalid CVN even CyberSource Settings set to Accept No CSC Match or Ignore CSC Response

Make sure that under Setup > Accounting > Payment Processing Profiles > CyberSource

1. Ignore CSC Response on Stand Alone Cash Sales = T
2. Order Verification Settings Tab

            -- CSC Service Not Available = Accept

            -- CSC Not Supported by Cardholder Bank = Accept

            -- CSC Not Submitted = Accept

            -- No CSC Match = Accept

The user receives Reason Code 211: 'Invalid CVN' if the merchant does not provide Card Verification Number or a mismatched CVN is detected.

According to CyberSource, there is no actual preference that can bypass the mismatched Card Verification Number (CVN or CSC). The mismatched CVN is still being hard-declined by the Customer's Issuing Bank because some of the banks required CVN for security measure and the CyberSource is just passing this information from NetSuite to the Issuing bank.  

To bypass the mismatched CVN, the customer should speak with their issuing bank and have an agreement to bypass this once there is no CVN is being provided or if a mismatched CVN is detected.

Below is the hierarchy of the settings:

1. Agreement of Card holder with their issuing bank.

2. Settings in CyberSource Business Center

3. Settings in NetSuite Account (Setup > Accounting > Payment Processing Profiles  > CyberSource.)

Note: The settings in NetSuite should usually be the same as the settings in CyberSource Business Center.

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