Friday, March 8, 2019

CSV Import on Employee Records: Update Email Address> User Cannot Login After the Change

It is expected that when a user updates the Employee Email Address used as login via CSV, the employee won't be able to login to NetSuite and they would require a password reset.

If you would try to update an employee email dddress in the user interface itself, notice that once you have changed the email address, it gives an error that says "This person has login access to your account under the old email. In the future, they will need to use this new email to login." If you hit OK and try to save the Employee record, it would then give a warning that says "Passwords don't match." Hence, when Administrators change the email address, they should also provide a temporary password in the CSV file. Below are the right steps in doing so:

1. Create a CSV file with the following fields:

Internal ID of the Employee
Give Access
Confirm Password

2. Login as Administrator

3. Set Up> Import/Export> Import CSV records

4. Import Type=Employees> Record Type=Employees> Select the File> Next

5. Data Handling=Update> Next

6. Mapping as below:

Give Access<>Give Access  
 Internal ID<>Internal ID  
Confirm Password<>Confirm Password 

7. Next

8. Enter Import Map Name> Save & Run> Hit Import Job Status> Refresh> Records updated successfully.

Note: To test, have a user login using the new email address and the temporary password that was provided. It would be the employee's responsibility to change the password for their security and it is very much advisable that they set they security questions.


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