Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Disable Advanced Bin Management feature

Before a user can disable the Advanced Bin Management feature:
1. All the transactions involving Serial and Lot Numbered Items that are using Bins has to be deleted.
2. If any Serial/Lot Numbered Items that use bins is part of a Kit/Package, user has to remove that particular item first before the system can allow you to disable the feature.
3. User has to edit all your Serial/Lot Numbered Items that use bins by doing the following:

-     Navigate to the Item record

-        Go to the Purchasing/Inventory Tab

-        Under the  Inventory Management category  uncheck the Use Bins check box.

-        On the Bin Numbers subtab below remove all the bins associated with the item

-        Hit Save.

After doing one of the given options, the system will now allow users to disable the Advanced Bin Management feature.

Note: The bin transactions that have to be deleted are those transactions created after the feature is turned on.


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