Thursday, March 28, 2019

Display the Age of a Record in a Saved Search or Custom Field

Apply to a saved search:

1. Navigateto Lists > Search > Saved Search > New.
2. Choose the record type as needed.
3. Provide a Search Title.
4. Under Results tab, add the following field.



 Formula (Text) or Formula  (Numeric)

 ROUND({today} - {datecreated})

 5. Save andRun.

Apply to acustom field:

1. Navigateto Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields >  Choose the type of field (i.e.Entity, Transaction Body, etc) > New.
2. Provide a Label and set Type to Free-Form Text.
3. Uncheck Store Value.
4. Under Validation and Defaulting tab, check Formula.
5. In the Default Value box, input {today}-{datecreated}.
6. Save

* Thisarticle computes the age of a record in days based on the Creation Date
* This does not apply to actual age of entities, e.g. employees, contacts, etc.If such report is needed, compare today's date to the Birthday field or anyfield that shows the birth of the entity


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