Friday, March 15, 2019

Display Customer Deposit Number in Sales Order for Print Out

1. Login as Administrator.

2. Navigate to Setup > Customization > Lists, Records & Fields >Transaction Body Fields > New.
3. Put a name for the Label.
4. Set Type = Currency.
5. Clear the Store Value checkbox.
6. On the Applies To tab, mark the Sale checkbox.
7.  On the Display tab, set Subtab = Main and Display Type = Inline Text.
8. On the Validation & Defaulting tab, set Default Value = case when {applyingtransaction.type} = 'Customer Deposit' then {applyingtransaction.amount} else '0.00' end and mark the Formula checkbox.
9. Click Save and Apply to Forms.

To print on the sales order form

1.    Navigate to Setup > Customization > Transaction Forms.
2.    Click Edit beside the preferred form used for Sales Orders.
3.    On the Printing Fields > Body tab, mark the Print checkbox for the Transaction body field created above.
4.    Click Save.



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