Sunday, March 10, 2019

Display a Field Showing the Actual Image File Name (imagefilename.jpg) instead of the Image URL in Saved Searches

1) Createa Custom Item Field (Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > ItemField > New)
- This field will hold the File Image Name

2) Createa saved search that gets the list of all the Items.

Note:Please make sure to include a criteria in the saved searchthat only searches for item with the above Custom Item Field = Empty 
- Include the custom Field above in the Results column

3) Deploy the script below as a Scheduled Script :

4) Afterthe script is run, the custom field will now have the File name for the imagewhich can now be pulled under Results column of the saved search

AnEnhancement 137627: Lists > Search > Saved Searches > View Result ofan Item Saved Search: Request ability to display a field showing the actualItem image file name (imagefilename.jpg) is already filed in regards withthe above functionality.



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