Monday, March 18, 2019

Enhanced Sales Center > Contacts tab > Quick Add button in Contact List Portlet does not display Preferred Contact Form Fields

When editing a preferred Contact Form, changes immediately reflect on the Quick Add portlet on any Center Dashboard after refreshing the portlet or the page.

However, the Quick Add button on the Contact List portlet does not reflect the changes even after refreshing the portlet or the page.  

To resolve the problem, perform the following:
1. Click the Hide ("X") button of the Contacts List portlet to remove the current Contact List portlet.
2. While on the Contacts tab, click Personalize Dashboard.
3. Select List on the Add Content window.
4. Close the Add Content Window.
5. Click the Quick Add button and it should reflect the settings of the preferred Contact Form.

Note: For information on installing the Enhanced Sales Center SuiteApp click here or search for Answer ID: 21014.

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