Monday, March 11, 2019

Execute workflow on a specific day of the month

This workflow sample shows how a scheduled workflow will only be triggered on a specific day of the month. On this sample, a scheduled workflow is intended to send an email every 10th of the month.

1. Create a new workflow by navigating to Customization > Workflow > Workflows > New

2. Define the workflow
   a. Name = Execute workflow every 10th
   b. Record Type = Transaction
   c. Sub Types = Sales Order
   d. Scheduled = True
   e. Saved Search = <<UI search>>
   f. Release Status = Released
   g. Click Save.
3. To add a workflow state, click New State and set Name = State 1, then hit Save

4. To create an action to the state, click on the State 1 state and click New Action
   a. Select Send Email.
   b. Trigger On = Entry
   c. Condition = TO_CHAR({today},'fmDD') = '10' 
   d. Specify Sender = <<any sender>>
   e.  Specific Recipient = <<any recipient>>
   f. Content
      --- Subject: Test
      --- Body: Send Email
   g. Save

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