Saturday, March 30, 2019

Inline Editing and Workflow Combination

This topic describes the using of Inline Editing when Approval Routing is done by a Workflow.

- Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences > Approval Routing tab
- Setup > Company > Enable Features > Company subtab > Data Management section > check the Inline Editing box

2 Scenarios
1. If the Approval Routing is turned off, Inline Editing uses an equivalent of SuiteScript's nlapiSubmitField(type, id, fields, values, doSourcing) function. It means that instead of the whole record, only the changed field is saved.

2. If the Approval Routing is turned on, the combination of Inline Editing and Workflow saves the whole record instead of the changed field only.

Consequences of the 2nd scenario
When using Inline Editing, the record is loaded again. All Workflow actions will be triggered in proper State demanding recalculating dependent fields.

An Example:
- There are 2 dependent fields on the Purchase Order that need recalculation - 1st custom field is set AFTER the value in the 2nd custom field is submitted.
- The Workflow Set Field Value action trigger of the 2nd field will work with "Before Record Submit" in UI. However, "After Field Edit" trigger has to be chosen to work properly using both - Inline Editing and UI.

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