Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Message not showing when printing Purchase Orders

Message element prints Vendor Message in Purchase Order transactions. So if Message is not showing when a Purchase Order is printed, make sure that the Vendor Message is not blank or empty and make sure that Message is set to be printed.

1. Edit an existing Purchase Order transaction.
2. Click Communication tab.
3. Enter a text or a message in the Vendor Message field if it is empty or blank.
4. Click Save.

To make sure that Message field is set to be printed on the transaction form:

1. Still on the Purchase Order transaction, click on Customize link in the upper portion.
2. Click Customize form.
3. Click Printing Fields > Footer subtab > set Message to Print.
4. Click on Save.

Navigate back to the same Purchase Order transaction, print it, and the message entered in the Vendor Message field will display.


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