Monday, March 11, 2019

Modify / Delete vendor transaction (Vendor Bill / Purchase Order) > Notice : Invalid taxcode reference key xx for subsidiary xx.


        Vendor record originally had a default billingaddress for nexus 1

        Vendor transaction (i.e. Purchase Orders, VendorBills) was created with Tax Codesfrom nexus 1

        Vendor record was modified

        It is now reflecting a default billing addressfor nexus 2

        Vendor transaction is still reflecting Tax Codes for nexus 1

        Cannot delete / modify vendor transaction


Invalid taxcode reference key xx for subsidiary xx

        Tax Code used in the transaction is associated with thevendor subsidiary

        Tax Code and Subsidiaryrecords are active.

        Tax Control Accounts and Tax Agency are active



        Verify if there is a value for Tax Code in the Vendor recordthat belongs to the second nexus

        To delete / modify the vendor transaction:

        Edit the vendor record

        Set Tax Code= null under the Financial tab

        Hit Save

        Modify or delete the vendor transaction asneeded

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