Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Multiple Shipping Route=T> Enable Item Line Shipping=T> Click Fulfill button> No Items to Fulfill


·         Setup> Company> Enable Features> Transactions tab> Multiple Shipping Routes=T

·         Sales Order> Items tab> Enable Item Line Shipping=T


Fulfilling a sales order with the Enable Item Line Shipping check box marked takes you to a new item fulfilment page but there are no items to fulfil. However, when you unmark the Enable Item Line Shipping check box and fulfill the sales order, the items show up on the New Item Fulfillment page.

This happens when you have not clicked on the calculate button or link on the sales order before fulfilling the order.

To resolve this concern, simply follow the steps below:

1.    Pull up the sales order

2.    Hit Edit

3.    Assign Ship To [address], Carrier and Ship Via per line item

4.    Go to Shipping tab and hit Calculate Shipping button or click on the Calculate link located at the transaction summary box.

5.    Hit Save

Hitting the Fulfill button will take you to either of the following:

·         New Item Fulfillment page with the items to be fulfilled on the order if you have assigned the same ship to address to for all the line items.


·         Fulfill Sales Order page if you have more than one ship to address assigned on the sales order.

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