Friday, March 29, 2019

Name ({altname}) field shows as blank in Vendor / Customer / Employee records


·        Navigate to Setup> Company > Auto-Generated Number

·        Set Enable = False under the Entities tab for Vendor / Customer /Employee

·        Click the Save button

·        Navigate to Lists> Relationships > Vendors > New

·        Enter a value for all the required fields

·        Click Save

·        Navigate to Setup> Company > Auto-Generated Numbers

·        Set the following for entity = Vendor under the Entitiestab:

Enable = True

Allow Override = True

·        Click the Savebutton

·        View the Vendorrecord

Actual Results:

·        Ablank Name field with Internal ID of {altname} is now added in the (Vendor / Customer /Employee)



·        Name field(field id: Altname) is blank for entity records created beforeAuto-Generated Numbers is enabled inthe account.




·        Manuallytoggle the values of the entity record's CompanyName / Individual (First Name, LastName) fields then hit the Save button,or

·        Performa mass update for the entity record type:

·        Navigateto Lists > Mass Update > MassUpdates > General Updates

·        ChooseVendor

·        Setthe following for field = Company Name:

Apply= True

Formula= {companyname}

·        Hitthe Save button

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