Sunday, March 31, 2019

NetSuite for Outlook > Identify which records are synced/saved in Outlook

SCENARIO: User wants to identify which records are synced via NetSuite for Outlook.

The table below indicates the column fields that can be added in Outlook to identify which records are synced. 


User-defined Fields

Field Chooser Name



User-defined fields in Inbox


NetSuite Shared
ns Company ID
ns Phone
ns Reserve Time
ns Transaction ID

User-defined fields in folder


NetSuite Shared
ns Billing Phone
ns Company ID
ns shippingPhone
ns Unsubscribe


NetSuite Shared
ns Company ID
ns Transaction ID


Users need to be in List view to expose these fields.  When using Microsoft Outlook 2010, perform the steps below:

A.    Inbox

1.    Click View tab > Change View > select Compact.

2.    On the Layout group, click Reading Pane > select either Bottom or Off.

B.    Calendar and Contacts

1.    Click on View tab > Change View > select List.

When List view is selected, perform the following steps:

1.    In Outlook, right-click on the column and select Field Chooser.

2.    Select User-defined fields in folder.

3.    Click a field on the selection and drag it as a column on your list.

Note: Field Chooser option is available in any view for Tasks.

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