Thursday, March 14, 2019

Purchase Price Amount in Saved Search Results is Different from the Amount on the Item Record

For users using the Multi-Currency feature, the Purchase Price shown on a saved search may be different from what is shown on the item record. The reason for this is because the purchase price amount shown on the saved search is converted to your Base Currency, while the purchase price showing on the item record is based on the Currency of the Preferred Vendor of the Item.

To be able to determine the purchase price for the base currency and the purchase price for the foreign currency, you may do the following:

1. Edit the saved search.

2. Go to Results tab > add "Purchase Price (Foreign Currency)" field

3. Hit Save and Run.

By doing this, the search results will show you the correct purchase price the matches the item record through the Purchase Price (Foreign Currency) field and the purchase price converted on your base currency through the Purchase Price field.

Another option would just be to unmark the Vendor as preferred and the Purchase Price field will display the amount as it is in the item record information and will no longer convert to the base currency.

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