Friday, March 1, 2019

Run Paid Commission report by month

1. Navigate to Reports > Financial > Income Statement > Customize Summary.

2. You will be redirected to the Financial Report Builder.

3. Under Edit Layout, add a new Financial Section by selecting 'Add Financial Section' under the 'Add Row/Section' dropdown and set a value for the following:

--Header Label

--Filter > Account Name = selected Accounts Payable (or the account debited when paying commissions in your account)

4. Delete all the other existing sections and header starting from Net Income, Other Income and Expenses and lastly Ordinary Income/Expense by clicking on the x button right beside the Add Row/Section dropdown.

5. Go under Edit Columns and add the following fields:

--Date found under the Financial folder.

--Transaction Number found under the Financial folder.

--Name found under Financial > Entity (Line) subfolder

--View Columns By = Accounting Period

6. Move the newly added column to where you want it to be placed. Please put the Entity (Line) name right after the Financial Row column then mark the Group With Previous Column box.

7. Go under Filters to select the sales reps paid by adding the Name field found under Financial main folder > Entity (Line) subfolder.

8. Still under Filters, filter out Bill Payment type of transaction by selecting Transaction Type Long Name under Financial main folder > Transaction subfolder.

9. Set a report name.

10. Hit Save.

11. To access the report again, navigate to Reports > Saved Reports > All Saved Reports > locate the report name.


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