Friday, March 15, 2019

Shipping Carrier: Derivation of Shipping Weight Used for Shipping Cost Calculation

The minimum weight charged across all Shipping Carriers integrated within the system is 1 lb. or approximately 0.50 kg.

The Shipping Weight used will be the higher value between the Actual Weight against the Dimensional Weight (DIM) for each Package shipped within the system.  In the event where the higher value will be less than the minimum weight required; the calculation sets the Dimensional Weight (DIM) to its minimum value which is 1lb. or its kilogram equivalent (0.50 kg.)

The calculation of the Dimensional Weight (DIM) would depend on the unit of measure that you are using within the system:

a. If the base weight factor is in kilograms (kgs), the DIM would be in cm3 / kg.

b. If the base weight factor is pounds (lbs) the DIM would be in in3 / lb

Dimensional Weight (DIM) is calculated by dividing the actual area of the package being shipped ( L x W x H ) by a standard factor that is used by all Shipping Carriers across all industries which is as follows:

a. In Kilograms (kgs) = (L x W x H)/5000

b. In Pounds (lbs) = (L x W x H)/139

In the calculation of Dimensional Weight (DIM), any fractional value calculated would be immediately  treated as 1 lb. or its kilogram equivalent.

To Illustrate:

a. The base weight factor used is in Pounds (lbs)

b. Actual weight is = 4.35 lbs

c. Actual Package Dimensions (L x W x H) = (12 x 10 x 5)

In the calculation of the Shipping Weight for Shipping Cost calculations; the system will use the Dimensional Weight (DIM) or 5 lbs. which is calculated as (12 x 10 x 5)/139.  Notice that in the calculation of (DIM) the system automatically rounded off the fractional value to the next whole number which is (12 x 10 x 5)/139 = 4.3165


This information is actually not calculated within NetSuite's end but information that is passed from the Shipping Carriers integrated within the system (FedEx and UPS). 

You can validate the above calculations through this website:


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