Monday, March 25, 2019

System Notes for Journal has Additional Lines for Adjustment Journal = False

The Adjustment Journal checkbox on the journal will only be marked if in case you will be making some tax adjustments during your VAT Return Online Filing. Note however that whenever you enter an opening balance and then later on edit the amounts of the opening balances, it automatically adds a system note for Adjustment Journal = False, although in essence, the checkbox is not actually edited.

Here are the procedures to replicate this scenario:

1. Enter an opening balance under Setup > Accounting > Enter Opening Balances and set the following fields:

Subsidiary = Subsidiary X
Date = 7/2/2013
Posting Period = Jul 2013
Add Debit of $100.00 for a Bank Account

*Note that after saving, the only available information in the System Notes field of the journal entry created is:

Create Record + Transaction Internal ID

2. Edit the Journal Entry created in Step # 1 and change the impact for both debit and credit amounts (e.g. $200.00). Line Items will be as follows:

Debit Bank Account    $200.00
Credit Opening Balance     $200.00

*Note that upon hitting the Save button, you will get the following notice: "Editing this transaction will unreconcile the transaction."

-You will be given an option to either hit OK to proceed or Cancel.

3. After hitting OK in Step # 2 above, go back to the journal entry and under the System Information tab,> System Notes subtab, the following additional data are available:

- Change Impact (this will give you both the Old Value before the amount modification and the New Value)
- Set Adjustment Journal = False
- Set Custom Form = Standard Journal Entry

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