Friday, March 22, 2019

Track the Receive By Date of an Item through the Latest PO of the Item

Following is theway how you can source Receive By Date from Purchase Order to the Item Recordvia scripting. It will help in keeping track of when a particular item would bereceived.


1.Create a Custom Item Field. Navigate to Customization >Lists, Records, & Fields Item fields > New

  • Label: Receive Date (for instance)
  • Type: Date
  • Store Value: Checked
  • Applies To: Inventory Item


2.Create a User Event Script with the following code:


function userEventAfterSubmit(type){

  var receiveDate=nlapiGetFieldValue('duedate'); //get theReceive by Date of Purchase Order

  var noOfItems= nlapiGetLineItemCount('item'); //Count thenumber of items in the PO

  for (var i = 1; i <= noOfItems; i++ ) //Loop througheach item


    var itemid=nlapiGetLineItemValue('item','item',i); //Get the internal id of the item record

    var itemrecord =nlapiLoadRecord('inventoryitem', itemid); //Load the item record

    itemrecord.setFieldValue('custitem15',receiveDate); //Set the value of Custom entity field created in step 1.(Note :replace 'custitem15' with the internal ID of the custom item field created instep 1 )

    nlapiSubmitRecord(itemrecord); //Save the itemrecord




3.Navigate to Customization > Scripting > Scripts > New

Type: User Event

Name: GetReceiptDate


4.Upload the Script File.


5.Click Save and Deploy 

On the Script Deploymentpage 

  • Applies To: Purchase Order
  • Status: Testing (until released)
  • Save


Now,as soon as you save a Purchase Order, the script will trigger and set theReceive Date of each item from the Purchase Order.

Note:The above script will set the Receive Date of an item from its latest PurchaseOrder


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