Thursday, March 7, 2019

Transaction Search to replicate the Sales by Customer Summary Report

1. Navigate to Reports> New Search> Transactions> click Create Saved Search button

2. On Criteria tab> Standard sub tab

     Filter        | Description

     Type        | is any of Cash Sale, Credit Memo, Invoice, Journal

     Account Type | is Income

     Shipping Line | is false (set to No)

     Tax Line   | is false (set to No)

     COGS       | is false (set to No)

     Date        | within last month*

          *or any date range user needs.

3. On Results tab > Columns sub tab

     Field         | Summary Type

     Name       | Group

     Amount    | Sum

4. On the Available Filters tab users may opt to add in the Date field then mark Show in Footer.

5. Save and Run


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