Saturday, March 30, 2019

Wrap Content in Printed Transaction Line Fields

The content in Custom Transaction Line Fields does not currently wrap, unless the field's type is Text Area. There is already an enhancement filed to request the ability to wrap the content of Custom Transaction Line Fields (enhancement #152793). The following alternate solution can be used in order to avoid truncation of the content in Transaction Line Fields, which cannot be set to type Text Area.

The alternate solution is to replace the Custom Transaction Line Field of a different type than Text Area with one of type Text Area sourced from the original field. The old field will still be used in all forms except for the printing form. The alternate solution contains two steps. The first one is to create the new Transaction Line Field and source it from the original field. The second one is to customize the form to print only the new field and to display only the old one in the UI.

The steps to accomplish this are the following:

  1. Create a custom column filed of type Text Area sourced from the original field.
    1. Please navigate to Setup > Customization > Transaction Line Fields > New.
    2. Enter a name and optionally an ID for the new field.
    3. Select the type Text Area.
    4. Uncheck Store Value.
    5. In the Applies To tab please check the same options as are checked for the original field.
    6. In the Validation & Defaulting tab please click on the Formula Builder icon next to the Default Value field. In the Formula popup, please select the original field in the Field dropdown and click on Set.
    7. Save the new transaction line field.
  2. Customize the form to display the new field only as a printing field and the original field only in the UI.
    1. Please open a record of the transaction and navigate to Customize > Customize Form.
    2. In the Sublists Fields tab under the Columns subtab please identify the newly created transaction line field and uncheck the Show checkbox next to it.
    3. Please navigate to the Printing Fields tab and under the Columns subtab perform the following actions:
      • Check the Print/Email checkbox next to the newly created transaction line field.
      • Uncheck the Print/Email checkbox next to the old field.
      • Move the new created field to the desired position. (optional)
    4. Save the changes done to the transaction form.
The new field will now be displayed on the printed transaction, while the original field will still be used in the UI. No maintenance of the new field is necessary as the content is sourced from the original field.

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