Saturday, April 13, 2019

Accounting Approval = True (Approved) Expense Report > GL Impact > Unapproved Expense Reports (Non-Posting Account) is Credited instead of a account with Account Type = Accounts Payable


·        Edit/ Approve Expense Reports

·        MarkAccounting Approval = True

·        Savethe transaction

·        Checkthe GL Impact under Actions

·        Posting= Yes for all account rows

·        TheDebited account(s) is a (Posting) Expense account(s)

·        TheCredited account is Unapproved Expense Reports (Non-Posting) account instead of onewith Account Type = Accounts Payable



·        Non-Posting Account =Unapproved Expense Reports is the default value of the Account field when ExpenseReports are created

·        NetSuitewill trigger the change of the Accountfield value from Unapproved ExpenseReports to Accounts Payable oncethe Accounting Approval is marked asTrue in the transaction

·        Userused a custom Expense Reportform with the Account field hidden

·        Triggerto change the Accounts fieldvalue to Accounts Payable even if Accounting Approval is marked as True in this instance will not takeplace


·        Theeffect of the transaction in financial reports (Reports > Financial):

·        Trial Balance report will show bothPosting and Non-Posting accounts since the report data source are Posting transactions (Posting = Yes)

·        Balance Sheet report will only showthe Posting accounts since reportdata source are Balance Sheet Account =True and Account Type= Posting (A/R, Bank, Fixed Asset, A/P, etc.)



·        Customizethe Expense Report form to exposethe Account field:

1.    Navigate to Customizations> Forms > TransactionForms

2.    Edit the Expense Report form

3.    Mark Show = True for Account under the ScreenFields tab > Main sub tab

4.    Save the form

·        Assignthe form only to users who are permitted to mark Accounting Approval = True

·        Editthe affected Expense Reports

·        Replacethe Unapproved Expense Report withthe correct Accounts Payable accountin the Expense Report with Accounting Approval = True

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