Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Create a Budget Report for Department and Period

There are instances when management wants to create a Saved Search for the Budget grouped by Department but would like the ability to display the Periods in each column and assign this as an Available Filter. The ability to select Accounting Period as an Available Filter for Budget Saved Search is still filed as Enhancement# 136701. As an alternate solution, users can customize the Budget Income Statement.


1.    Navigate to Reports>Banking/Budgeting>Budget Income Statement>Customize Summary.

2.    On the Edit Layout section click Add Financial Section.

3.    Select Create New Section then hit OK.

4.    Enter Header Label = Accounts (or any other name) and uncheck the Display Row for Header Label and Total Label.

5.    Set Display = Expanded and Group By = Department with Show Hierarchy is unchecked

6.    On the Section tab add Department Name is any of and select all Departments (or only those that you are interested in) then hit OK.

7.    Hit Save.

8.    Remove all Row/Section starting from Net Income going up to the first line (leave the new Section: Account we just created).

9.    Navigate to Edit Columns then add Budget>Account and place it in between Financial Row and Amount.

10.  Set View Columns By = Accounting Period.

11.  Hit Preview or Save.


Through this report, users can filter either by Department or Period

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