Monday, April 1, 2019

Customized Email Template is not correct under Customer record

When user edits the Email Template under Bulk Merge > Message subtab and does not check the Update checkbox, it might be confusing which Email Template was sent to the selected group of recipients, the customized one or the original one.

1. Create a new Bulk Merge (Documents > Mail Merge > Bulk Merge > select Email Output)
2. The user selects Customer as Group Type. 
3. Message subtab > enters Subject and select Email Template.
4. Do not check the Update checkbox. 

5. Customize the Email Template (add/change the text).
6. Click Send&Merge button.

Results: Under the Customer Record is displayed the original Email Template - not customized one (Customer record > Messages subtab > Bulk Merge). This is correct because the Update checkbox on Bulk Merge page under Message subtab was not checked.
  • The customized Email Template is sent to the group of recipients. 
  • The customized Email Template is displayed under the Email Template within the Bulk Merge subtab of the Static or Dynamic Customer group. 
  • The customized Email Template shows under Documents > Mail Merge > Bulk Merge > Merge History
In case the Update checkbox is checked (Documents > Mail Merge > Bulk Merge > select Email Output > Message subtab), the Email Template is updated after the Bulk Merge is sent. Then it is possible to see under Customer Record the updated Email Template.

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