Friday, April 19, 2019

Delete Budget Category

The Budgets that used the particular Budget Category should be deleted before successfully deleting a Budget Category.

A. Delete the budgets that make use of the Budget Category

1. Navigate to Transactions > Financial > Set Up Budgets > List

2. Set the following on the footer of the page:
    Year = All
    Category = the Budget Category that needs to be deleted
    Department = All
    Class = All
    Location = All

3. Edit each budget

4. On the Edit Budget page, hover mouse over More Actions > click Delete

Note: Perform the same steps until all the related budget records are deleted.


B. Delete the Budget Category

1. Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Lists

2. Set Type, found at the footer of the page, to Budget Category

3. Click Edit on the Budget Category that needs to be deleted

4. On the Edit Budget Category page, hover mouse to More Actions > Delete

Note: Deleted Budgets or Budget Categories cannot be restored in the system.


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