Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Display Company Name when Fulfilling Sales Orders

Currently on the Fulfill Orders screen (Transactions > Sales > Fulfill Orders), the Customer Name is showing as a combination of the Customer ID and Name.

To have a column for Company Name only, users need to create a Custom field and add it on the Fulfill Orders screen as another column.

To create the Custom field:
- Navigate to Setup > Customization > Transaction Body Fields > New.
- Set a Label (ex: Company Name).
- Type = Free-Form Text.
- Store in Value box = Uncheck.
- On the Applies To tab > Item Fulfillment box = Check.
- On the Sourcing & Filtering tab > Source List = Customer | Source From = Company Name.
- Save.

To add the Custom field as a column on the Fulfill Orders screen:
- Navigate to Transactions > Sales > Fulfill Orders.
- On the Orders tab > click Customize button.
- On the Additional Columns tab > look the for Custom field (the Label that you set ex: Company Name) | Include box = Check.
- Save.

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