Monday, April 1, 2019

Display Item Rate under the Financial Subtab of Customer Record

The user wants to show the Item Rate after the Item applying a price level on Customer Record under Financial subtab (Lists > Relationships > Customers select customer > Financial subtab). 

Note: There is currently no possibility to add column field for Entity Records and the Enhancement 109225 - Setup > Customization > Entity Fields – ability to create custom entity fields that would be displayed in columns.

The steps below describe steps to display Item Rate data on the Customer Records:

1. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.
2. Select Transaction.
3. Enter Search Title as Item Rate:

  • Public = T
  • Available as List View = T
  • Available as Dashboard View = T
  • Available as Sublist View = T

4. Under Criteria tab > select:

  • Type: Any of: Sales Order  
  • Item: none of: None or according the user's requirements.

5. Under Results tab > Set the necessary fields and include:

  • Item Rate
  • Quantity
  • Price Level
  • Formula (Numeric): {quantity}*{rate} and enter Custom Label e.g. Accurate Price

6. Under Available Filters select: Customer (Main Line) Fields: Internal ID.
7. Click Save & Run.
8. Navigate to Customization > Forms > Sublists > Under Entity tab select the Saved Search created.
9. Enter the Label: Item Rate.
10. Set tab as Financial.
11. Customer = T.
12. Click Save.

Under Customer Record (Lists > Relationships > Customers) the user can see a new sublist (under Financial subtab) with the Item Rate information from Results of created Saved Search.

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