Monday, April 29, 2019

Enable Online Customer Forms

There are two kinds of Online Forms available in NetSuite:
1. Online Customer Form -  related to Marketing functions.
2. Online Case Form - used for submitting Case Records for Support purposes.

Where can find them?

1. Online Customer Form: Setup > Marketing > Online Customer Forms
2. Online Case Form: Setup > Support >
Online Case Forms

The above Online Forms are dependent on certain Company Features. To be able to work with Online Forms navigate to Setup > Company > Enable Features > CRM subtab > Marketing section > enable Online Forms feature.

In addition, Online Customer Form is linked to Company Features which are needed to be enabled to have Online Customer Forms available:

- Marketing Automation
Sales Force Automation

Above features are located also at CRM subtab on the Company Features Basic Features section.

Users can work with Online Customer Forms also when Marketing Automation feature is disabled, but in that case users are very restricted while working with Marketing functions (e.g. cannot send Campaigns).

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