Monday, April 8, 2019

Enable Rich Text Editing

When a user views an event with texts under Message subtab, the message looks correct. However, the texts appear in HTML code when on Edit mode.

When this option is enabled, each text field includes Font, Size, and Color dropdowns, and a toolbar with text style, alignment, and paragraph format options. You can enter text and make selections to format it. Each text field includes the Formatted Text header, and an HTML Source Code link that you can click to switch to the mode of entering source code.

By default, you enter HTML source code in text fields. Each field includes the HTML Source Code header, and a Formatted Text link that you can click to switch to rich text editor mode.

By enabling Rich Text Editing functionality, Formatted Edit Mode will be available for text editing. 

To enable Rich Text Editing:

1. Navigate to Home > Set Preferences.

2. Under Appearance tab > Entry Forms section, mark the Enable Rich Text Editing checkbox.

3. Click Save.

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