Sunday, April 7, 2019

Issue a Check to a Customer for its Credit Balance

In order to issue a check to a credit balance of a customer, follow the steps below:


1. Navigate to Transactions > Customers > Issue Customer Refund.

2. In the Customer field = select the customer name that needs to be refunded.

3. In the Account field = select the bank account where the refund will be taken from.

4. Check the box for To Be Printed.

5. In the Apply tab > check the Deposit or Credits that has to be refunded.

6. In the Refund Method tab > Refund Method field = select Check.


Note: If we set a value in the Check # field, automatically the box for To Be Printed will be unset. This is because NetSuite assumes that there is no need to print a check anymore.


7. Fill out other mandatory fields > hit Save button.

8. To print a check for the refund:

            a. Navigate to Transactions > Management > Print Checks and Forms.

            b. Click on Checks.

            c. In the Print Checks page > Account field = select the bank account for the refund.

            d. Check the box for Print in line with the Customer Refund created above.


Note: NetSuite automatically assigns a check number based on the last sequence. We may still opt to override this by putting a different value in the First Check Number field.


            e. Hit Print button.

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