Sunday, April 14, 2019

Preventing Locked Records to be edited via Inline Editing using User Event Script

When a Record is Locked using the workflow Lock Record action, the record is restricted from being edited within the context of the workflow. 

This Lock is triggered when a user loads the record into the browser. The record will have the edit option on the record list view but when a user clicks Edit, the lock will be reapplied when the record is loaded into the browser. 

Editing the record via Inline editing edits the record directly and does not load the record into the browser, the lock will not be applied and thus allowing the user to edit the record.

A solution for this is:

(For this example, we will be locking an Item Record)
1. Create a Custom Field that will signify the Record is Locked
     - Type: Checkbox
     - ID: custitem_lockeditem

2. Create the Sample Script below

function userEventBeforeSubmit(type){

var newrec = nlapiGetNewRecord();
var locked = nlapiLookupField(newrec.getRecordType(),, 'custitem_lockeditem');
if(locked == 'T')
throw "Locked record!";

3. Create a new user event script. Setup>Customization>Scripts>New>User Event
  Enter information needed on the Basic Information:
    Name: (script name)
    Scripts > Script File: Upload the sample script above
    Before Submit Funtion: userEventBeforeSubmit
    Deployments > Applies to: Inventory Part
          Deployed: Yes
          Status: Released

4. Save the Script Record

This will prevent the user from editing the item record on list view and will receive an error "Locked record!"

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