Monday, April 22, 2019

Restrict Non-Administrator Roles from Editing Sales Orders with Pending Fulfillment Status using Workflow

Administrators can restrict users from editing Sales Orders having Pending Fulfillment Status if the role given to them is non-administrator, this can be achieved by creating a Workflow that locks the record based on the status of the order and the role that access it. The setup of the workflow is as follows:
  1. Create Workflow (Customization > Workflow > Workflows > New)
    Basic Information:
    -Name: SO Restriction Workflow
    -Record Type: Transaction
    -Sub Types: Sales Order
    -Release Status: Released
    -Enable Logging: Checked
    On Create: Checked
    On Update: Checked
    Trigger Type: Before Record Load

  2. Create State
    -Name: Lock Record

  3. Create Action
    -Select Lock Record State
    -Click New Action
    -Click Lock Record
    -Trigger On: Before Record Load
    -User Role none of Administrator
    -Status any of Sales Order:Pending Fulfillment


NOTE: The condition for Status can be modified if you want to restrict users from editing orders based on different statuses (Pending Approval, Closed). These statuses can be multi-selected on the visual builder. The same method can be used when selecting user roles that you wish to exclude from the restriction.

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