Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Sales Order Pending Fulfillment report to include Uncommitted Items excluding Members of Kit and Assembly

The Sales Order Pending Fulfillment report shows all open transaction lines for items committed and ready to be fulfilled. Therefore, items that are uncommitted will not appear.


In order to get this report to show such items and also to show the kits and assemblies excluding their members, we may need to consider customizing the report.


1. Navigate to Reports > Order Management > Sales Order Pending Fulfillment.

2. Click on the Customize button.

3. In the Report Builder page, do the following:


a. Edit Columns section:

• Click on the Add Formula Field button on the left and set the following:

Formula Type = Difference x-y
X = Ordered
Y = Fulfilled

* Rename the formula to say something like Unfulfilled in the Column Label field to represent what this field is for.


b. Filters section:

• Remove the filter for Orders Items Pending Fulfillment: Has Fulfillable Items by clicking the X box.

• Click the Order Items Pending Fulfillment folder to expand > select Sold as Kit/Assembly Member > this will be added as filter > choose False.


4. Enter a unique title for the report in the Name field.
8. Hit Save or Preview button.



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