Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Sales/ Sales Orders by Customer Summary Report Customized to Remove the Column Customer/Project: Name (Grouped) and Add Another Field as Column Results to Missing Sales Amounts

The problem is due to results being sorted with columns which are not available under Edit Columns.

To resolve without adding back the Customer/Project: Name (Grouped) column, user may do the following:

1.  Access the report.

2.  Click the Return To Customization button.

3.  Click Sorting.

4.  Under Choose Sort Order, remove the Customer/Project > Name(Grouped) from the list by clicking the x icon on the right.

5.  Preview/Save the Report.

Note : Enhancement 194827 has been filed for this.  The issue is due to a feature of pivot reporting engine when generating a summary report.  Some of the rows are grouped by column not known to the pivot engine thus they are omitted because the system is considering them as duplicates.

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