Sunday, April 21, 2019

Send Billed Order Later at Specific Date Using Workflow

To send an invoice (bill) containing items from currently opened Sales Orders, a scheduled workflow can be used. The workflow goes through all open sales orders and prepares those which need to be send.

Scenario of the workflow:

  • create custom field (checkbox on sales order record type) as a flag of later shipping
  • create custom field (date on sales order record type) for the date of later shipping
  • create saved search to test the sales order
  • scheduled workflow will run through the orders:
    • check if the sales order is open and the later shipping flag is checked
    • if condition is true then compare the date of planned shipping to current date
    • process all these orders what need to be filled (e.g. prepare fulfillment a week
      before delivery - it depends on intent)
    • workflow at the same moment can print a packing slip and send an email to sales rep
    • after that the order will be closed

An alternative solution without workflow could be the Advanced Shipping feature, since it gives customers the ability to fulfill and bill orders separately. What this means is that when an order is approved, the item gets committed but not fulfilled, and at the same, a bill can be created right after approval. Warehouses can then simply ship the orders at later dates by clicking on the order's Fulfill button. If needed, they can simply create a workflow or script that will bill orders immediately approval.

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