Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Set Auto-Generated Numbers on Vendor Bills using Internal ID


Users may use Internal ID as the default Generated Number for Vendor Bills.

1. Navigate to Set Up > Customization > Transaction Body Fields > New.

Note: Alternatively, a Free-Form Text field type will work too.

2. Select Type = Integer Number.
3. Under Applies To Tab, select Purchase.
4. Under Display Tab:
- Subtab = Main
- Insert Before = as peferred
5. Under Validation & Defaulting tab, set:
- Default Value = {id)
- Formula = T
6. Set Store Value = F 
8. Set a Label as preferred.
9. Click Save.

Currently the feature to enable Auto Generated Numbers on Vendor Bills is filed as an Enhancement Request:

1. 68070 - Ability to have auto-generated numbers option for bills.

2. 156149 - Setup > Company > Auto-Generated Numbers > Transactions > Customer would like to have the ability to Setup Auto Generated Numbers for Write Check, Bill Payment, Customer Payment, Vendor Bill Features in NetSuite.



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