Thursday, April 4, 2019

Spanish Translations for Chart of Accounts Are Not Working


  • The Multi-Language feature is enabled in the account
  • User edits each account via Lists > Accounting > Accounts and provided Spanish translation for each
  • User sets his preferred language to Espanol (Latinoamerica) via Home > Set Preferences > General tab
  • When the user views any account, all account names are still in English


Translation only works for the particular language in which translation exists. If a user has set up translations in
Espanol (Espana) but uses the Espanol (Latinoamerica) language in NetSuite, then labels will remain to be in English (or any native language of the provisioned account).

Steps to Reproduce

1. Navigate to Setup > Company > General Preferences.
2. Click Languages tab.
3. Add Latin American Spanish, and add Spanish (to see the difference).
4. Click on Save.

Enter a translation for Chart of Accounts:

1. Navigate to Lists > Accounting > Accounts.
2. Edit an Account (for example, Checking).
3. Click Translation tab > under Spanish enter Cuenta De Cheques in the Name column.
4. Click on Save.

Navigate to Home > Set Preferences > General > set Language to Espanol (Latinoamerica) > Save. And navigate to Listas > Contabilidad > Cuentas > look for the Checking account and you will see that it is still displayed as Checking. This is because, the preferred language is Espanol (Latinoamerica) but the translation was entered in Spanish or Espanol (Espana).

Edit Checking account > Traduccion tab > click on Espanol de Latinoamerica (which is the Latin American Spanish in English) and enter Cuenta De Cheques in the Name column, click Guardar.

Navigate back to Listas > Contabilidad > Cuentas > you will no longer see Checking because it will now be translated to Cuenta De Cheques

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